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    Okay so I can’t decide what helmet I want to buy! My last helmet is now getting to big so I’m needing something that will last; max budget $500, any recommendations??

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    I like Troxel. Your helmet choice should be strongly influenced by what sort of riding you do. I have one for everyday, and one for showing. I suggest you discuss this with your trainer (if you have one), and go somewhere that has a wide selection so you can try different brands and styles. Hair is also an issue – if yours is long you might need two. One to wear with your hair up, and one to wear with it down, as the fit might be different.

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    Fit is probably the most important aspect of any riding helmet, and each helmet manufacturer tends to use a different head shape for each helmet line, so that the fit of two helmets made by the same company, but from different lines, can fit differently. The best way to find the right helmet for you is to try on every helmet you can find, until you have that “eureka!” moment.

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