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    I bought an OTTB from her racing trainer in February. Lately she has been suffering from mid to severe allergies. She breaks out in terrible hives and her legs are swollen and hot (though she’s completely sound, b”H). About six weeks ago I started seeing very mild hives crop up on her hind quarters, but lately it’s been making her miserable. I spoke to my vet who said to start giving her Claritin in her feed (Thursday) and then came out to the barn on to give her a shot of an antihistamine (Friday). I’ve also already walked her pasture to check for anything that could be causing allergies and I’ve tried different fly sprays. So far, though she’s showing improvement since I spoke to the vet, (leg swelling gone down, not as severe hives) she still has pretty bad allergies.
    Somebody told me that it takes horses two weeks to adjust to the heat, but I live in Florida so the heat has been coming in and off for over a month now.
    Does anybody have any suggestions as to anything else I can do? Sprays, shampoos, creams, meds, supplements, etc? Thanks!

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    I also have an OTTB that is very sensitive to the no-see-ums…she will get terrible hives in her armpits (for lack of a better word…) and all along her belly. If your girl is having an allergic reaction to bug bites, I would recommend trying CLAC Deo-Lotion. It is a fly spray made with lots of essential oils & you can get it from SmartPak. I have used everything out there & this is finally the product that is keeping her from hiving up. I haven’t even had to use her fly sheet *yet* this season. I am hoping to avoid the Dex injections I have had to do for the past 4 summers every July by using this product. It could be worth a try. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I ride an OTTB occasionally, he also has very sensitive skin. And including one of the Dutch Warmbloods.
    OTTB’s usually have sensitive skin, that needs to be token care of.
    I would find out what he/she is allergic to. Bugs? Sometime it can be the feed, some horses skin gets upset from the tack.
    If your horse is having allergic reactions in certain spots, I would try using a fleece girth.
    If it’s hives, you need to find out what is bothering her skin so much, and make it a priority to find products that will work.

    Your Welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

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    My mare has a lot of allergy trouble, but what helped me the most was doing allergy testing. It’s expensive but it’s the only way to know what is causing the problem and be able to avoid it and make changes. A simple blood test will come back with a full panel of dozens of sensitivities of varying degrees. For my mare, we were able to determine that she is allergic to corn, oats, and wheat. We knew exactly what to look for when we made feed changes. I also found out that she is allergic to several grasses and weeds, so now she goes out in a flysheet and is doing much better. The allergy testing a very expensive, (for me it was over $200) but making lots of changes in feed, tack, shampoo, fly spray, hay, turnout, etc., etc., etc. gets really expensive too, and you aren’t necessarily making progress.

    After testing, you can opt to do the shots, where you inject your horse with low levels of their various allergens to build their immunity. I did this for two years with my horse but didn’t see the results I was hoping for.

    Good luck, allergies can be really difficult to deal with.

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    Sorry to hear of your allergy problems they are never fun. I use Spirulina wafers for one of my mares who has weed/pollen allergies and it has WONDERS!!! Clears up the hives within a few days. I have another mare who breaks out in hives due to some type of bug that bothers her more in the spring than anytime of the year. I feed them both 2-3 wafers a day and they are great, as soon as i stop feeding them a day or two later I notice hives, although in the fall and winter I don’t need the wafers as I don’t see hives.

    It also helped to move to a different stable, the new stable must not have the same weeds that the old place did as the hives aren’t as severe since the move.

    Also, does your horse wear a fly sheet? Sometimes that can help with repelling bug bites.

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    Thanks everyone! Yeah, I ended up moving barns, using a fly sheet, and allergy meds in her feed, and her hives finally cleared up! (Or at least 90% of them!)

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