Help With Founder Prone Horse

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    I am leasing an 15 year old Morgan cross who is extremely overweight and has a cresty neck. I have leased him for about 3 years and I DO NOT have control over his grain, hay intake, or his hoof trimming schedule/technique. He is currently on half a scoop of low carb grain once per day and is on a round bale 24/7 all year. He is trimmed by a farrier who keeps his toes long and therefore results in him being very flat footed. Recently, I noticed that he has rings on his hooves which are thickening. I am very concerned that he is going to founder. I currently ride him about 5-6 days per week for about an hour at the walk, trot, and canter. I believe that the exercise has kept him from foundering. He has been on Remission for about two months with no results. I am searching for advice on supplements or any other techniques I could use to keep him from foundering. As I said, I DO NOT have control over his food intake or his hooves. I know that this is a difficult situation and any advice would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    Are you able to talk to the owner of the horse about some of the signs of possible founder that you are seeing? Other than that, I think you’re doing a great job by giving him so much exercise; that probably has helped him so far! Is a grazing muzzle an option? You mentioned that he has 24/7 access to hay, which depending what type of hay that is, a grazing muzzle could help decrease his intake which might help decrease calories/sugars consumed. I hope you find a solution!

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