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    I’ve never really looked into supplements before and I’m wondering where to start looking. I’m hoping I can get some idea of what I should start researching. I am looking for something for two different horses.

    Also interested in hearing alternative suggestions to helping with their soundness problems and maintenance issues.

    The first is a 10y/o 14hh pony, retired from showing and jumping this past season as she is starting to show the beginning signs of arthritis. Is to be used as a trail horse for riding 1-2X a week for would like to help her remain comfortable and sound for trail riding as long as possible. Most of the current signs of arthritis are localized around her hock where she suffered a bad kick to 4-5 years ago. She doesn’t have great conformation but has VERY good feet. She does not get grain as she is fat even when she is showing and ridden 5-6 times a week. Not picky at all, will usually eat supplements straight without grain as long as they aren’t totally foul tasting. Prefer something easy to give as my barn owner would be doing the feeding.

    Second is a 16y/o 15.3hh warmblood with chronic lameness issues. She is only used for w/t trail riding. Suffers a club foot on RF, sensitive feet and stiffness in hips. She has good and bad days with A LOT of maintenance she can be considered perfectly sound – needs shoes, visits from the chiro and massage therapist and supplements. My sister is in the military and she’s the one that owns her so she gets ridden a handful of times a year so it’s not worth the effort to keep her totally sound. She oversteps with her hinds and rips off shoes too, which doesn’t help with her terrible feet, when she is shod it’s normally a visit every 2-3 weeks from the farrier – bell boots last less then a week when she is turned out in them. We have used hoof boots in the past and it helps greatly with her sensitive feet on the trail but she really doesn’t like having the Easyboots on. Looking for simple solutions to help her remain more comfortable in the pasture… VERY picky eater and doesn’t get grain because she is fat.

    Both mares are on 24/7 turnout year round and currently barefoot.

    Any suggestions or topics for me to research would be greatly appreciated.

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    I would look into a joint supplement for both horses, it will help their joints stay more mobile and pain free. For the warmblood, I would also consider a hoof supplement to improve the quality of her feet. I use SmartFlex Senior on my 22-year-old gelding (who thinks he’s 5). You can compare the ingredients of different supplements on SmartPak’s website. They also offer trial packages of supplements so you can see if your horse will eat them.

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    The first thing I did when I thought supplements would help my mare was to contact SmartPak. Customer service was very, very helpful and steered me in the right direction. Then I looked up the recommendations on their site and made comparisons. I agreed with their choices 100%! Great job. Best of luck to you.

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