Herbs & ulcers – any advice?

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    My TB gelding has a sensitive tummy (I wish you could write off GastroGard on your taxes!). I’ve heard that herbs like devil’s claw can be really helpful in dealing with stiffness, etc. but know that devil’s claw can sometimes be tough on them. Are there any other herbs that I should keep an eye out for?

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    I’ve had good luck with a product from earthsongranch.com, or on facebook earth song ranch ~ They have a supplement called equinze zyme plus, has colostrum, beta glucan, vitamin c, digestive enzymes, pro-biotics. My arab is a worrier, grinds his teeth, was biting at his side, as was my mini. Since they have been on this supplement they seem to feel better overall, all the side biting has ended and their overall health just seems better. Lots cheaper than gastroguard, and, used for a while may minimize or eliminate the need ~

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    Abcplus.biz is a great herbal site. I use NOMS, power horse trace minerals, a natural joint supplement (yucca something), pro bios (parts per billion), and made magic for my old lady. I’ve had great success with u gaurd, I used it for a few weeks then switched to a good pro biotic and aloe juice for my ulcer ridden guy. We’re all natural and never better! Also, planting Willow trees in your pasture is a great way for horses to regulate their pain meds. They eat the branches when they are uncomfortable to help ease the pain. One of the active ingredients for aspirin is from willow trees 🙂

    Put your ass on some class, ride a Thoroughbred.

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    Ultimately each horse situation is different but things you can do to help include 24/7 turnout, lots of hay, minimal grain, some dietary additives such as oat flour and flax. I do all this and more for my horse and it is still a battle to keep him comfortable.

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    Try Starting Gate (or food grade lecithin from Bulkfoods.com – same thing. One cup/day; 1/2 AM, 1/2 PM/1100 lb. horse). Also free choice hay when stalled and plenty of pasture when turned out. One to two flakes of alfalfa (or 2-3 double handfuls of well-soaked alfalfa cubes) immediately prior to riding also helps. If you haven’t already, checkout Lunatunesfreestyles.com, DePaoloequineconcepts.com and Gettyequinenutrition.com – all have great ulcer information. 🙂

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