Hock Issues and Teeth!

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    So I wanted to share this experience I had this weekend-

    Background: I have a 12 year old retired reining horse. I retired 4 years ago because his hocks started to fuse, and we beginning to cause him some discomfort. We changed his discipline to a bit of Western Dressage, Ranch Riding and I do English Equitation on him as well. He goes great with injecting his hocks once a year and I give him Adequan- The series of 7 shots 1 week apart, once a year.

    This February he was starting to show hock/back soreness so it was time for his annual injections. This was done and all seemed well.

    Until about two weeks ago. Ricki was very hard to get in the bridal and collect up. He would not round his back and was very “hollow”. When I would ask for a bend to the right, he would pull up on the reins and brace. So, of course I thought his hocks were acting up again, causing him back pain… but we had just given him an “oil change” not even a month ago…

    Had the vet out this weekend. He showed no reacting to the hock and back test. He was just fine, but listening to my story and how he was acting my amazing vet checked his teeth. Sure enough… Hooks. Lots of them. We floated his teeth and I had a completely different horse. Willing, in the bridle and happy to go.

    So- who knew that some horses retract just like their back hurts when they have a mouth issue… I am sure glad I was able to figure it all out with my vet and have my happy-go-lucky horse again!

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