holes and waves in new growth

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    Help! Our horses’ hooves look like something is eating them. We have stumped three vets with this strange occurrence. The best they can guess is fungus or something metabolic but they haven’t seen anything quite like this. It looks like a wormy apple just below the new growth from the coronary band. The horses are on almost full time turnout and used daily for lessons. They are not sitting in wet/mucky areas but are exposed to thick dew on the grass every morning. We have 4 horses out of 8 with this, all on different diets and pastures, although the worst cases seem to come from one pasture. The pictures are of the horse most affected. Any ideas on what this is!?

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    It sounds as if you’ve attached photos, but I’m not seeing them. In any case, what you describe sounds like wet periople.

    The periople is a protective layer that extends over the newly generated hoof. It’s variable in length and consistency, but it will generally extend downward about 1/4″ on a “normal” sized hoof. In dry conditions, it will appear similar to a dried glue and will easily flake away. In wet conditions, it will tend to thicken, lengthen, and appear more rubbery (similar to a pencil eraser), and it will often evidence with little “worm holes.”

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