Hoof Crack or Chip?

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    I’ve been keeping track of this crack in my donkey’s left front hoof. It’s been there since late October. Hardly noticeable unless you get up close. I didn’t think much of it because i thought it was just like a blemish or line on the hoof.
    Today when I was grooming her I checked it again and it looked like it had grown a bit in length. I have pictures (one from October and one from today) that I have attached to show what the crack looks like.
    My friend said it could be that her hooves are super dry and she needs some brush on conditioner for them. (she uses Hoof Heal so she recommended I try it). I’m kind of wary to put anything on her hooves in fear of damaging them more…She’s trying to rehabilitate from founder in her 2 forefeet.
    Does anyone know if this would help this crack or whatever is on her hoof? I’m going to call my farrier too just incase because I do NOT want anymore set backs to her hoof. The weather helps out with that already.

    Any suggestions and advice are more than welcome! Thank you!

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    Oh and a little background information about my donkey, if it helps at all; She’s 15 YO, and she has a less severe case of founder.
    My farrier said she has great hooves, frogs, etc. she just needs a bunch of growth to the hoof wall so he had me put her on Farriers Formula (not the double strength) and we’ve been on that for about 4 1/2 months now. I’ve noticed that she’s a different donkey, she’ll run around at liberty now and no longer has short and choppy strides. She does have her on and off days but the off days are becoming less now.


    ~If you come at it having only 15 minuets it will take all day... If you come at it having all day it will take you 15 minuets~

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    From the pictures the crack has definitely grown. (And yes I do think it is a crack.) There are two main reasons a hoof wall will develop a crack and they are both related to too much pressure.
    1.More pressure on the normal, healthy hoof wall than it can handle.
    2.A regular amount of pressure for the healthy hoof wall, but too much for the hoof wall that is not firmly connected to the lamina.

    Since she has foundered, I think the second reason is what you’re battling. The solution is simple – just relieve the extra pressure until the hoof wall grows down firmly connected to the lamina. (Added bonus: When the hooves are kept short the hoof will actually speed it’s growth up which is what your farrier is wanting.)

    In regard to the hoof conditioner – hooves are supposed to be very dry (it can actually cause problems if the hooves live in a wet environment), so I don’t think I would bother using it.

    Best wishes to you….

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    Ask farrier to put a “notch” just above the crack to keep it from continuing to move upward. Also ask for a “mustang roll” on the bottom edge of the hoof. This will relieve the stress on the entire outside hoof wall and reduces the chances of chips and cracks. The foot definitely does NOT look like it needs conditioners to moisturize it.

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    It looks like it needs to be cleaned out daily and trimmed often to keep the pressure off of the toe (mustang roll). Make sure your farrier is coming out regularly to stay on top of the crack. Try white lightning soak or gel on the crack to kill the bacteria on the hoof. Smartpak carries White Lightning and you mix it with vinegar to activate the chemicals. Then let it soak for 20 minutes or so. Then apply white lighting gel on crack. This will kill the bacteria and allow the good hoof growth to grow down to the ground. If the crack isn’t opened up a little and treated and trimmed bacteria could start eating up the lamina causing white line disease or seedy toe, especially if the horse is in a moist or damp environment.

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    When one of my horses foundered (also a mild founder <2% rotation) she had a similar looking hoof as the hoof grew out. By keeping toes short and the feet clean (I used thrush buster to fight bacteria), the problem resolved. The supplement you are using was exactly what I used. Good luck!

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    My gelding had the same trouble, but his was a quarter crack. I suggest Wunder Hoof. This amazing cream has done wonders on his quarter crack. He somehow got a crack in the summer and no matter what I did it kept worsening, but he wasn’t lame or gimping. When I found Wunder Hoof we defiantly wanted to give it a go and his quarter crack was gone in a month! The results were so incredible! I also suggest Hoof Heal (as you friend has), I use it to condition my gelding’s feet and keep them pliable because weather up here is terrible now and days. Also my Grandmother has a mare that is recovering from founder as well and she uses a supplement called Farriers Formula. So far the mare’s hooves are healthy and growing new strong hoof wall. I wish you luck!

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