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    There have been a few cases of white line disease this summer at the barn that I keep my horse, I’m assuming because of all the rain we’ve had. My mare is barefoot and has good feet but I was wondering if I should be using a hoof disinfectant as a preventative measure? If so does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!

    Leslie Leslie
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    White Lightening comes in gel tubes or a soak and is highly effective in treating white line disease, and can also be used as a preventative. I like the soak better because it treats the entire hoof inside and out but it’s also kind of a pain to do. You shouldn’t have to use it often though.

    Just making sure you clean out her feet frequently and don’t allow her to stand in mud or manure for long periods of time – if you don’t have a choice applying something that will help keep excess moisture out will help, like Keratex Hoof Gel.

    And always make sure she stays up to date with trimming… Flaring is a huge contributor.

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    Thanks!! I have been using Keratex Hoof Gel for a month or 2 now and LOVE it so I’ll definitely continue with that.

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    Koppertox also works great as a preventative. It is what my vet recommended for my horse who got a lot of abscesses in the winter months. It’s messy though.
    I found thrush X in the aerosol can works awesome and has the same percentages of everything as the koppertox, just way easier to use and a little cheaper. 1 bottle will last me typically a full winter, using it every day.

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    Small consideration but keep your hoofpicks clean, too : )

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    Using Keratex Hoof Hardener every other day and then you can use even Betadine before applying the Keratex later on in order to disinfect the hoof.

    I had WLD for the last year and half and had to resect the hoof because of it. Keratex Hoof Putty, the hardener and gel are always in my trunk now even for safe keeps!

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