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    My 3 year old paint gelding has to have rim pads and shoes on his front feet, otherwise his coffin bones bruise very easily and he becomes quite lame. Over the first of the year, he threw a shoe and the farrier couldn’t make it out for a week or so, during which my gelding became quite sore. Any suggestions of temporary hoof boots/wraps/pads I should have on hand in case this happens again?
    Thank you!

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    I have one of these. Works really good for my horse that gets really tender footed/sore if she throws a shoe. Can stay on during turn out,and stays in well. I always take it off in the evening to clean it out, and will put it back on. If I’m going to be out at the horse barn for a while I’ll leave it off until I leave just to let the hoof breath some. You can also get pads to go inside to give extra comfort.


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    Thank you so much for this suggestion! I have never tried hoof boots before, but I will most likely keep one of these on hand in case he throws another shoe! Do you find they run true to size?

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    LOVE EasyBoots. Have used them for 15+ years. Each style of boot fits differently so really need to measure your horse’s feet and use the guide to figure out the right size. My horses are always barefoot, so use easy boots to ride in and for sore feet. Have everything from original easy boot with keeper straps up to gloves. If you want use pads, buy boot a little bigger since pad does take up some room. Might want to contact Easy Care directly and ask for their assistance about sizing and then buy from Valley Vet – always good pricing. Good luck!

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    I thought they ran pretty true to size. I didn’t get a pad to put in with it, so you may want to find out about sizing if you decide to do that. Certain boots are only meant to be worn during riding. There are some that can be used for turn out, and the one I posted a link to can be worn during turn out and riding. Also recommend sizing after a fresh trim to get the best fit possible.

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    visit: betteroffbare.com

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    Contact Easycare. Their customer service is great and they may have someone in your area you can visit to get specifics. With all the new boot designs and synthetic glue-on shoes, horse hooves can be kept much healthier than in years past when all we had were metal shoes.

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    My recommendation is Magic Cushion.

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    I will definitely be in contact with Easy Care and see if I can get the proper boot for my guy! Thank you so much!

    Lizzie Lou, I recently ordered Magic Cushion and tried it out–if my horses were to lose a shoe, would I have to apply Magic Cushion and then wrap the hoof??

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