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    What should I do to stop splits in my horses hooves from getting longer?

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    Ensure the hooves arent being allowed to grow too long and thus growing flares and ask your farrier to ensure he relieves the pressure points either side of the split

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    Check diet, regular if not frequent farrier work, talk to farrier about options and if temp shoes (more for the radical crack, quarter crack advanced crack type scenario) might be indicated, consider way of going and the terrain the horse spends most of his time on as well as the way he stands. There are a load of oils and lotions, paints and creams you can apply to the hoof but the best bet is satisfy the dietary needs (proper amounts of iron and selenium being fairly important) and consistent/regular farrier work. After talking to your farrier and even your vet, you might find that a specific hoof supplement can help. Keep an eye out for potential white line disease if the crack is deep. I hope this is under control for you fast : )

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    take care that hooves aren’t ‘too dry’ – trim every 6-7 weeks – maybe supplement with something like Remission or source HF – I have had extremely good results with both.

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    Good farrier care is most important, followed by good diet. Once those are fixed there are a number of other things you can try such as hoof supplements and hoof hardeners.

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    Everything above plus keeping the hoof wall rounded at the bottom can help prevent cracks. Something like a Rider’s Rasp helps with this.

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    Make sure the horse has a good diet and a good proper trim.

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    when I first got my Belgian Warmblood her feet were terrible. Typical draft horse platter feet. to make it worse three of them are white. I have her on Horseshoers secret and magnesium and her feet get trimmed every 6 weeks no matter what. I have a great farrier who makes shoes for her and hot shoes. I also use rainmaker hoof dressing when its dry.

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