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    My 5yr old OTTB has little to no vices, besides her awful behavior with the farrier!It’s hard to work on this because she only does it after hes hot-molded her feet and I cant replicate that =/ She stands well for a while and then seems to almost get bored or uncomfortable and tries to go up. She tossed him the last time he did her feet and he refuses to do her again unless she’s drugged. Does Dorm work well enough? He suggested something stronger than ACE but that would require and IV and the vet charge on top of that sounds pricey! Im also considering cold-shoeing but he doesnt “believe” in that. Help!

    pheets pheets
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    You might consider believing in another farrier.. Hot shoeing, while it has its place, is not the be all-end all of farrier methods. If the mare is thinned soled at all, I am not sure I blame her. Might also be just the smell of burning hoof that sets her off.. Also, tho less critical by some standards, she might simply yet clearly not like the guy, no offense to your farrier.

    Hopefully, your current farrier is willing to at least negotiate. Have him explain why he is adamant about hot shoeing being the ONLY way..is it the only way for YOUR mare or is it HIS only way? Decide from there.

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    Mapale Mapale
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    I agree with pheets, consider a new farrier. But I’d take it a step further. I think you should get a new farrier for the following reasons:

    1) your horse may not be bad with all farriers – yet – but she will be if you let this guy continue.

    2) his way or the highway – big red flag

    3) drugs? Uh, no. A better choice for your mare is a farrier that doesn’t freak her out.

    Ask your vet for a recommendation. It’s a big world with lots of options.

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    Joan Fry
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    I agree with Pheets and Mapale. I wouldn’t keep a farrier with an attitude like that. He already has two strikes against him–he won’t consider cold shoeing, and he won’t shoe her at all unless she’s drugged. Definitely consult your vet, tell her/him about the problem, and ask for a recommendation. According to my own vet–who put himself through vet school as a farrier–cold-shoeing can be even more effective than hot shoeing in certain cases.

    NinaJD NinaJD
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    while I agree with the 3 above, I want to put my 3 cents in.
    I get that she’s an OTTB, but why are you even putting shoes on her?
    are her feet already that bad?
    Why not try barefoot and see how she does that way?

    Either way I would be finding a new farrier asap

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    ShilohsGirl ShilohsGirl
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    I would have to agree, this farrier isnot right for your horse.
    But of course, being me, I have toput in my two cents worth.
    1. I always time it to lunge my horse and trie her out so she stands betterfor the farier and is not dancing with energy,
    2. I hold each foot up for longer than it take t pick her feet (maybe thirty seconds or so) to get her used to having her feet handled and picked up for long peropds of time.
    3. I go around her hoof and tap lightly with a hoof pick to simulate the feeling of nails being hammered in.
    I hope this helps. Some farriers are willing to spend time training your horse for a little extra, which is always an option

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    Read Pete Ramey’s book Making natural hoof care work for you. Changed my life. Pulled shoes off of a chronicly foundered horse that couldn’t keep shoes on. Didn’t fix it but was definitely the right choice. Kept him in light work with use of BOA boots. But my 9 year old ASB has always been barefoot and sound so has my 5 year old Oldenburg. And we ride over rocky trails and nothing slows us down. Especially not a thrown shoe! I have Boa boots with cleats for slippery winter riding.
    You might find you have no further need of a farrier…. Just a talented natural hoof trimmer. And most farriers that will trim barefoot hooves are not trimming in the same style as a trained natural hoof trimmer.
    Good luck

    pheets pheets
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    Hey, Bel : )

    ANY service that claims their way is the ONLY way is not worth consideration beyond “thank you for your time” and a sincere “Buh-Bye!”. “SPECIALLY in the horse biz!!

    If shoes are wanted/needed, hire a GOOD farrier. If barefoot is desired, know what is correct and be particular in your choice of practitioner. Just like farriers, not all trimmers are sound, right or properly skilled, either. Neither application is outright WRONG so don’t let any farrier or trimmer or anybody else tell you it is. What is right for your horse, what keeps her comfortable and forward in the activities you engage should rule your decision, not us. You won’t go to the Devil if you put shoes on your horse any quicker than you will go to Heaven because you don’t. Just bother to be fussy about who does the work, either way : )

    Sure there's right and wrong but mostly there's just a whole lotta different.

    Joe-Joe Joe-Joe
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    Does she really need shoes? I tend to agree with trying another farrier. If she was on the track, she should be accustomed to having her shoes changed frequently. There is nothing wrong with cold shoeing, unless she has some unusual hoof issue. It seems that your real problem is your farrier.

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    Joan Fry
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    pheets said it, and I second it. Do what’s right for YOUR HORSE, not because it’s a fad. Extremism in any form usually does not put the horse first, so don’t feel obligated one way or the other. Try your mare barefoot. If it doesn’t work, go back to shoes. But definitely get another farrier!

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