Horse doesn't want to work while being ridden

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    My mare does not like to work while being ridden in an arena but will be okay at shows. I can get her to walk but will sometimes have problems with just that. When I ask her to trot I squeeze very lightly and as soon as she feels my legs she stops and refuses to go and just tries biting my feet. If I have someone in the arena on the ground with a lunge whip she will work fine but when I’m alone she fights me and it’s getting to where I can’t even get her to trot on my own anymore. I’ve tried a flat bat/crop/backing/turning and nothing seems to work. She will listen better to other people but still tests them but not as much. I’m sure that all her tack fits her fine and would like some new ideas of what I could do.

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    Have her ovaries checked. I know a pony who was a top show horse, and who subsequently developed some issue or other with her ovaries, and started biting the feet and/or legs of whoever was on her, due to pain. The only other thing I can think of is that she is just plain bored, in which case she might benefit from working somewhere other than an arena – trails, or just gentle hacking around.

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    It is never the horse's fault

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