Horse laying on his side

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    This past week I’ve been finding my horse laying down a lot. I’ll walk out in the pasture (where he is full time), and he looks like he’s dead. It scares me every time. But when I approach him, he gets up like he’s fine. Except once, when it was a super hot day, and it took him a couple of tries.
    I’ve owned him for about 8 months, and during that time he has rested on occasion (like a cow does) on the ground, and usually in a pile of comfy hay. That has never worried me, but this laying flat on his side does. Everything else about him seems normal. I have considered the fact that he might be suffering from the heat, but he does have shelter.
    Also, after this problem started I have began putting electrolytes in the horses’ stock tank.

    FYI, he is seven years old, so age isn’t the problem.

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    As long as he is bright and easily roused, not to worry. Some horses WILL lay flat out and snooze without a care. One of mine snores, another squeaks, two run/jump and the last 2 sneak away for secret naps (my Alpha and her minion). Normal for many. I have two snoozers here, too. In the spring, when the ground starts to warm up, they ALL will lay flat out, to the point that my poor city-neighbour called AC on me years ago as I just kept walking past these three dead horses!! Oh, and I blindfold them in the summer, too : )

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    Haha pheets, I have a friend who works for Animal Control,and she says there is a particular pasture in an area where lots of “city folk” pass by and she regularly gets calls saying all 4 or 5 horses are laying dead out there in the summer (they’re sunbathing) and has also had “animal cruelty” calls on them for blindfolding the horses.

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