Horses sun burn nose…

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    I have read everyone that posted about horse sun burn nose,I must say to the one that are using sun tan oils or anything else on a horses nose,you should not do that it is for humans not horse’s…. You can make them sick ! And person-ly if your vet told you to do it,I would get another vet….. The only one that made any cents at all is the one that said,keep the horse in the barn from 9am till about 6pm let the horse out all night and put him back in at 9am….I am 62 I have had horse’s all my life. And this is the best way for your Horse,,,, I help save the Wild Mustangs out west, In Montana Wyoming and Utah. If anyone would like to see what goes on <You are more then Welcome to go to my Timeline on facebook and fine out what is going on with the wild Mustangs, You will cry, I am one out of 1000 trying to make the people` of the U. S.a where of what the BLM. Is doing, to these wonderful wild horse , under my name Nancy Woodall, Thanks

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