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How cold to put a blanket on a horse

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    How from what to what temperature should I put a blanket on a clipped horse? Heavy weight blanket, medium blanket, insulated sheet, rain sheet and a stable blanket.

    Joe-Joe Joe-Joe
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    I would suggest you ask the manufacturers of the blankets you need. I only blanket if it is going to be wicked cold, because my climate is fairly temperate and I don’t clip my horse (a whole long other story). Also, (my opinion) horses that are turned out have more ability to move around and keep themselves warm than those in stalls (there should be a runin shed just in case). Weatherbeeta is very, very good about answering questions, even if you are asking something general.

    It is never the horse's fault

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    Is your horse turned out or stalled? I have one horse who I would like to keep a thin coat and I just started blanketing him in August. He is turned out during the day and when outside I put one of those light turnout sheets on- it’s about 60 degrees. We keep the barn about 50 degrees in the winter so I will then keep the thin sheet on inside, plus I have him on lights so his coat doesn’t get super long. I’ll put a medium weigh turnout on him in the fall/spring when its around 40 degrees. It gets well below zero here in North Dakota often so he wears his heavy weight Rambo 450 g fill then. But I start at about 30 degrees.
    Our horses that are okay to grow a slight coat will wear their rambos when it’s cold, otherwise nothing. Anything above 30 degrees feels really nice haha.
    I have another horse who is stalled only- no turnout. The barn she is at is kept no less than 65 degrees, so she doesn’t need anything unless it gets colder, when I will put a light stable sheet on her. She’s also on lights about 18 hours a day though.

    Joe-Joe Joe-Joe
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    A blanket in August? Wow! Here (Assawoman, VA) I had to take my boy’s fly sheet off because he was sweating so much. We are expecting temps to be 90+ this week, with no rain in sight (hasn’t rained all month). Hard to believe we are in the same country, isn’t it? I might need to blanket him sometime in January or February, if at all.

    It is never the horse's fault

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