how to clean inside of hind legs without water in winter

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    The gelding I half lease loves to be groomed everywhere and is particularly fond of being groomed on his stomach, hind quarters and on the inside of the top of his hind legs where he may be itchy and a little sticky. The professional stable groom handles the major grooming, bathing, clipping, etc. It is an exceedingly cold winter and I have a half lease so can only touch up groom him 3 days a week after I ride and am looking for something other than water or shampoo. What can I use to make him more comfortable and cleaner near his private areas on the inside upper legs? What about the lavender grooming wipes or witch hazel patches (have only seen them for people not horses)? Suggestions for stomach and behind front elbows also appreciated. I have brushed he loves and newly purchased happy happy hands grooming gloves as well.

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    In the winter & at shows I use unscented baby wipes with aloe. In the winter any dampness on the skin dries quick enough they don’t get a chill. I’ve also made my own by cutting a roll of high quality paper towels in half & adding a mixture of water, baby shampoo, & one of those tubes of oil for the hot oil for hair treatments. Either one has worked fine.

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    My mini mare gets super gross between her butt cheeks and upper inner tights from urine dripping into those areas. I use Burt’s bees baby wipes because they seem less irritating than other brands. They don’t seem to irritate her skin at all and do a nice job loosening up the crud so it wipes off cleanly.

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    I live in Iowa which can get pretty chilly in the winter. If I am in a place where I have no water or the pipes are frozen or something then I would use Witch Hazel instead of water to clean. Witch Hazel is a natural cleanser and is pretty effective. Sprayed on the inside of the legs and delicate areas, if the horse doesn’t mind, or on a soft sponge first to drench and wipe away the dirt and grime that collects there works real well. No need to rinse with water.

    Horse Care That Is Sensitive By Nature.

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    I use a wet sponge or spray them with the hose (provided it’s not frozen). Horses are pretty tough 🙂 If it seems to bother your horse or they start shaking, then stick with a wet sponge, but my horses have never gotten sick from me spraying their legs/privates in the winter.

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    There is a marvelous product which was originally formulated for human/animal crossover use…it’s a mixture of lavender,tea tree, eucalyptus and canola oils…it’s called calm coat and it’s what I use on all my horses who chafe from wintertime urine and fecal dribbling on their tailbone all the way down to their hocks…it’s soothing, antibacterial and coats the skin and hair to prevent future irritation…the formulation was originally a product for Last Chance Ranch but was bought out by Manna Pro last time I ordered it…it’s not cheap by any means but as a lifetime horseman …it’s the best I’ve ever used…you can look it up on line to find a.distributor…it comes in small sizes right up to a quart spray bottle for around $42.00….absolutely human grade quality ingredients…try it

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