How to get your horse to lick their salt block

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    About a week ago, I bought my horse a pretty expensive salt block full of all kinds of healthy minerals hoping it would get him to drink more water and make him a little less bored in his stall. Since I’ve put it up, he seems to have no interest in it whatsoever. I have a good feeling that if I could just get him to try it once he would love it, but I just can’t get him to try it. Any suggestions?

    Sarah Sue
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    The point of a free choice salt block is that a horse should lick it if they are in need of minerals/salt, so you can’t really force it. If you really think your horse needs the salt, I would recommend getting salt or electrolytes in your Smartpaks. And also, your horse may actually be licking it but just not when you’re there. My mare has gone through two rocks now but never shows interest if I’m watching her.

    Joan Fry
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    Horses either need/want more salt in their diet or they don’t. If your horse isn’t licking his salt block, he probably doesn’t need it. You might try adding a plain white salt block or brick so he can choose. Sometimes during the hot weather horses prefer pure salt to a mineralized salt block. Mine does. And sarahsue is right–I’ve never seen him lick it, but it’s disappearing. Before you add extra salt to his ration, ask your vet. Your horse is usually the best judge of whether he needs it or not.

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