How to keep a black horse stay black in the summer

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    I’ve been having troubles with keeping my smudgy buckskin black during the summer. Ive tried fly sheets but they get ruined by other horses I still buy fly sheets to protect some of her coat. What would your recomendations be on supplements or anything else to try to keep her coat black?

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    If possible, keep him in during the day and turn him out at night. This works for our black/dark brown horses. Unless your pasture has a lot of shade and he will stay in it, I really have no other suggestions.

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    I’ve just begun supplementing with SmartDark and Handsome – which helps the black stay black. I’ve had a problem this winter with my bay’s mane washing out. I don’t have the problem in summer because there is enough shade in the pasture, but in winter she’s out 24/7 and soaks up the sun. I’ll come back and comment if it works – there are comments on this supplement already:

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