Hydroxyzine for hives?

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    My horse has horrible hives. It’s been going on for about 5 years. We’ve tried feed changes, blanket changes, baths, moved barns, etc. Steroids are the only thing that gets rid of them and as soon as he goes of the Dex they come right back. They get so severe his skin oozes and he gets so uncomfortable.

    I haven’t tried hydroxyzine. Does any one have any experience with it? Advice?

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    Hydroxyzine can help, it comes in lots of different forms that will be helpful with palatability. My mare has a lot of skin allergies, but what helped me the most was doing allergy testing. It’s expensive but it’s the only way to know what is causing the problem and be able to avoid it and make changes.

    If your horse responds well to steroids, consider trying prednisolone (different than prednisone, talk to your vet). You can safely keep your horse on a low dose that could prevent the uncomfortable outbreaks.

    Good luck, allergies can be really difficult to deal with.

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    My mate is on it every spring to fall. Sometimes she still needs prednisolone to get Her through the first flares when the bugs come out. She actually ran out last week and I found out when she started rubbing her belly and face raw again (plus her eyes are puffy). It works very well but has its limitations.
    I am looking into alternative/organic treatments for allergy probles. One is Apple Cider Vinegar (raw) to the amount of 1cup a day. It helps with the coat in general but so far has not been enough by itself.
    I just saw a post on another allergy topic and there was mention of Spirulina wafers. I might give those a try.
    I have been toying too with the idea of allergy testing but as she has hers in the warm season, I assume it is to stuff I can’t keep her away from (not really diet related). And the cost of course!

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