HYPP horses- hard to keep weight on?

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    I am curious if any one else with a HYPP + horse finds their horse to be a hard keeper? Another person with a Impressive bred horse asked me, so I am wondering if this is a comment experience with others?

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    I don’t know about being hard keepers, but since managing diet is seemingly the best (or only) way to manage HYPP, I should think it would at the very least appear that they are. Sorry for the run-on sentence – could not figure out how to condense it and still make sense.

    It is never the horse's fault

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    We also have an HYPP N/H gelding and for quite a while it was hard to keep on weight. We now have him on teff hay (grass hay gave him runs and alfalfa gave episodes) and Triple Crown Light/Low Starch pellets. It isn’t cheap but it keeps him at a decent weight and free from episodes. It did take some trial and error to get the right mix for him as he is ridden almost daily so he burns up the feed he gets.

    I agree with Joe-Joe, for us the diet has been critical for maintaining his health episode-wise. Except for a reaction to sedation recently, we haven’t had issues in well over 3 years.

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    I currently have a QH gelding that is N/H for HYPP and he is a hard keeper. He eats more than twice what any other horse we have does. However, the horse I owned before him was also N/H and was definitely an easy keeper! Both geldings received roughly the same amount of exercise/riding and are 1400-ish lbs. So while diet restrictions may add to HYPP horses being harder keepers, I don’t think it’s necessarily a rule.

    Joan Fry
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    Interesting! I’ve only owned a couple of QH, and they didn’t have Impressive breeding, so I am absolutely no help. Joe-Joe, glad to find you’re still here. Whatever happened to your Morgan mare?

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