IHSA Team Sponsors?

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    I’m exploring the possibility of finding sponsors for my college’s IHSA team. We come from a small engineering college so the team is small. Although small we do very well in the team standings.Our school does very little to support the team so there is quite a bit of helmets, jackets, breeches, etc. being shared. We have done a lot of work developing an alumni network recently in hopes that it might bring in donations of show/riding clothes for the team. Our alumni effort has unfortunately been unsuccessful so far so we are exploring other options. Would it be worth asking companies like Charles Owen, Heritage, Tredstep, or SmartPak to sponsor? Does anyone have any other suggestions as to who we could ask or what the team could do?


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    I would ask everyone I could think of, including local businesses. If you can somehow give them credit, they can write off the cost as advertising. Even car dealers – after all, horses that are shown have to be taken to those shows, and surely a car dealer would prefer the tow vehicles be from that dealership or car company that some other one.

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    I agree with Joe-Joe. You don’t have to stick to equestrian related merchandizers. Ralph Lauren supports the Olympic equestrian team with deep pockets that match a deep love for horse sports. Rolex sponsored FEI WEG in Kentucky. All you need is a corporation with a horse lover at the top. But don’t be nebulous in your requests. Know what/how much you need specifically, and be prepared to elaborate on why you need it. You’re at an engineering school, petition Manhattan Engineering, Malcolm Pirnie, Halcrow, or another NY Engineering firm. It might help you with professional contacts later. Good luck. I’ll bet you’ll find someone willing to help such a good cause.

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