Is garlic safe for horses?

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    Is it ok for horses to eat garlic? I’ve heard it’s good at keeping flies away, but I know it’s really bad for dogs, so I’m nervous. Any help is appreciated!

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    Technically garlic is toxic to horses. However you should be safe if you stick to garlic supplements designed for horses.

    I personally would not feed it though if you are hoping it will keep flies away…because IMO those supplements just don’t work.

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    Yes you can feed garlic to horses, in the recommended dosage. If you feed them an excessive amount (5 cups a day in the University of Guleph study) they would have an adverse reaction, however the amount needed as a fly deterrent is much, much less.

    Having said that, yes some horses may have a reaction at a lower amount, but if you notice that they’re not quite right and stop the garlic the effects do reverse themselves if caught quickly.

    Personally I have used garlic and noticed a HUGE difference in the amount of flies/gnats/ticks on the horses eating it. If my horses would eat it they’d be on it; but they object to anything in a powdered form.

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    I have not had great luck with feeding garlic & the reduction in bugs. 🙁 My horses will eat it, & I use an actual “horse” supplement type-even started feeding it in March of this year, but my mare still got hives & is just overall tormented by the flies. Darn.

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    I agree with wyoenglishrider. I’ve used pure garlic granules for about a year and have seen no change in my old guys condition. He’s still being attacked by the no-see-ums. About every other day I slather him in MTG which seems to help.

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    MTG helps with no see ums?!
    I used a supplement as well with garlic. The thing is, if every horse on the farm isn’t using something, it’s not going to help. So unless you can get every single person to commit to doing it and surrounding barns, it’s no use.

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    The response you get from using garlic or supplements is going to vary from horse to horse, bug to bug, and area to area. If you have a good management program already, and your horse isn’t overly bothered by bugs, I think using either is a bit of a waste IMO.

    However, they do work for some horses who have problems with bugs, have severe reactions from bites, etc. But again, the effectiveness depends on the animal and the environment.

    Back to the OP, as far as I’m aware, small doses of garlic will be okay, but you may want to check out other substances.


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    Yes, it is safe to feed horses garlic although I imagine most don’t find the taste appealing.

    You’ll have to try it if you like but who knows if it actually works to deter flies….I think there might be some myth way down in there 😉

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