I've got an odd question! My mare get diarrhea & then goes down

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    So this is quite odd and I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas or have ever had a horse with a similar issue.

    My mare is 21 years old this year and is currently 9 and half months pregnant. For several months now she has been having Diarrhea about every 3 weeks to once a month; it gets soft the first day then by the third day it’s like cow flops and she goes down. I mean will stop eating grain and darn near throw herself down (like colic) and groan and have labored breathing, and her capillary return is slightly slow. She doesn’t want to get back up, of course I get her up and get her walking her which seems to not matter . Sometimes she goes down again after walking sometimes she doesnt. This last time she almost pushed me out of the way to lay down and that’s not like her. Her diarrhea continues for about 3 days after then it goes back to perfect horse manure and she’s bright eyed and happy again.
    She has also had what my vet believes has been three secures (that I’ve seen); she lays flat out eyes roll back tongue falls out, poor capillary return and she is unresponsive the first time I thought she was dead then she throws her body up on her sternum and looks around like what did I miss, do you have food? I have not seen her have one of these episodes in about 4 months but of course there’s times I’m not watching her.
    This ol girl seems like she was rode hard when she was younger and she has had laminitis atleast 2 times, once that my mother (farrier) and my vet were very involved with before I owned her. She had rotated just a little but we managed to get her sound with shoes and vet tech Fill in pads now she barefoot. She even sound enough to ride if I wanted to when she’s not pregnant. She has not had laminitis since I’ve owned her she is monitored very carefully.
    So has anyone has a horse that gets diarrhea then goes down and its recurring.
    Or a horse that’s has seizures.
    I am in contact with my vet about this but we are both confused on how all this is connected. I have given her banime when she had one of her going down issue and I’ve given two different probotic products.
    I know many people don’t believe in breeding old mares or mares that have had past issues but she’s been happy and healthy until about 4 months ago. Please hold your breeding opinions and just help me with her issues so I can help my sweet girl.

    I used ordered Smartdigest to see if that helps.

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    Could it possibly be related to the position of the foal in the uterus? I’m not a vet, but maybe an ultrasound would be in order (or some diagnostic way to take a look at her innards). It almost sounds related to pressure on a nerve somewhere. Or pressure on a something else.

    It is never the horse's fault

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