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    Hey there!
    I am going to be going to college in the fall. I own a 17.1hh OTTB gelding that I have had just about 2 years. This year he just turned 20, he is still young and heart and doesn’t move half bad for his age (Still gets stiff time to time). I have him on Cosequin ASU Through smartpak, my question is if anyone has tried the smartflex senior and their thoughts of it. I would like to find something cheaper (if possible) but I do not want him to not be getting what he needs. Any other joint supplements that you guys use and like? He is currently ridden a few times a week but only once or twice is a active ride (Trying to maintain his muscling) and the rest are just light riding. Thanks for any input!!

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    I switched from the Cosequin ASH plus to Smart Pak resilience III. It cheaper and seems to be working better for my 27 year old Paint. I would highly recommend making the switch

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    I have been using the Smartflex Senior for about 3 months and just love it. The difference it has made in my horse’s flexibility is so amazing, I wonder if he is the same horse. I cannot say enough wonderful things about it.

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    I have used the senior AND the rehab.
    I did the senior in the summer and the rehab in the winter, since my guy had more issues in the winter than summer.
    he did very well on both.
    If he’s doing pretty well, I would just give him the senior.

    you can also add some fresh yams into his diet(or as a treat, about half of one) this is a natural joint supplement and most horses love them.

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