Kiger mustangs and hooves

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    Anybody got a Kiger out there? My Kiger “KiRin” is 11 years old now, and is quite the character. His sire was Cherokee Diamond (wild Kiger HMA) and dam Vale Foxfire (wild “found” red dun Kiger from Sheepshead HMA) from Karisma Kigers in Madras, Oregon.

    I had a stable mate that kept saying “Your horse has club feet.”, and I would correct them saying “He is a Kiger…they are made that way!” It is mentioned here and there that Kigers tend to have more vertical hoof angles than other horses (mule/club footed). This is an evolutionary adaptation to make them more sure footed and handle the rocky terrain they have in the rugged Eastern Oregon area. They have denser bone structure and a lot of heel on the hooves, providing a lot of defense against the rough terrain.

    I find that I still have to perform routine shaping of the hooves to keep them at a reasonable angle. I think they have a tendency for high heel growth, which works great on rocky terrain, but in captivity on pastures and softer footing, they tend to grow longer than should be. I do my own hooves on our mustangs (have 4 total).

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