Large Calves||Half chap/Tall boots issue.

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    I currently have a 20-22in calf, with a height of 16-17in. I can’t find a half chap or tall boot anywhere online that’ll potentially fit me good and that won’t blow my wallet. I’m pretty sure customs aren’t in my budget.

    Am I out of luck or is there hope some where?

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    Hey! I was just looking at the SmartPak site and they actually have a few options but the closest I found was: that might fit, but it looks like its 1 inch off. Keep in mind a lot of tall boots and chaps have a stretch panel that will eventually mold/stretch to your size, and tall boots usually drop an inch or two once they break in. I’ve had to try a bunch of boots out before one fit me nicely (when boots fit around my calf, they were always too tall…) – I had to walk around my house with numb toes for a week… eventually they stretched over an inch! Yay. Hope this helps! They’re not too expensive too, which is a plus 🙂

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    Oh and from experience, I really do recommend going to try the boots in store if at all possible. I made the mistake of buying tall boots online according to their size charts, but the boot fit way different in person. Good luck!

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    I had the opposite problem years ago (legs too skinny), and was able to buy stock boots and have the leg taken in. Perhaps you could find a place that would be able to do the opposite?

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