Lateral Meniscus Tear

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    My boy, Cutter, was diagnosed with a Lateral Meniscus tear in April, and has been on rest since last November. We’re not sure just how bad the tear is, if it’s up towards the muscle area or if it’s back further pertaining to the Cruciate ligament. I currently have him on stall rest with a small paddock attached. He is being given Smartrehab, via calm and probios with Enrich Plus. He had been on strict rest for 30 days (all of april) followed by 15 min lead walking in the arena. He seemed to be doing pretty good since his stall rest up until he bolted by me about a week ago and proceeded to trot, canter and gallop up and down a section of pasture looking for his “buddy” (they tolerate each other but I wouldn’t consider putting them together). I walked him around for a few minutes hoping that he wouldn’t become too sore and seemed fine the next day when I walked him around. I didn’t pick out his feet though until a couple days later where I noticed that he wouldn’t pick it up. Every time I did and started to bring it back, just so slightly, he would put all his weight on me and hop until I let him put it down, which was pretty quick. He’s gotten somewhat better in the last day or two but I dont know the extent or how long it’ll be until I can pick it up again with no issues.
    I’m wondering if anyone has dealt with a meniscus tear and what they’ve done?

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    I haven’t dealt with a tear, but my 6 yr old has weak and sore stifles. It’s been a long haul with him and we’re still working on things.

    That said, I understand surgery is sometimes indicated for meniscus tears. Otherwise, PRP and/or shockwave are good options to promote healing. The problem is the tears don’t heal well, and then with riding or any level of activity, they can reinjure it. I’d at least do a follow up ultrasound to see how it looks compared to last fall.

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