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    I’m located in Columbus, OH and can’t seem to find any near me. I have an Ashland II and a County Stablizer, both wool flocked, and need a fitter to come adjust at least one of them (I’m trying to decide which is a better fit). I contacted County to look at my Stablizer and they don’t have a rep in Ohio. Can anyone recommend an independent fitter that comes to the Columbus area?

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    Heather from Saddles101.com goes to Ohio. I don’t know anything about her though.

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    DutchessBridleSaddle DutchessBridleSaddle
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    Hello Maestro! My name is Kate Wilson and I am a Qualified Saddle Fitter certified by The Society of Master Saddlers. I do travel into Ohio to the Mesopotamia area (upper northeastern corner of the state) but have been asked by others to travel to the Columbus area. With the weather as cold and snowy as it’s been, I most likely will not be coming that way until spring. I am located in Port Jervis, NY which is where the borders or NY, NJ and PA meet. If you would like to learn more about me and my services, please visit our website at http://www.dutchessbridlesaddle.com. We welcome any questions you may have!

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    Hi Maestro, Pam Omer with Freedom Fittings (www.freedomfittings.com) is located in the Lansing area of Michigan and a certified fitter. I have used her personally and was very happy with the her and the results. She does consults/fittings and re-flocking. I am unsure if she travels to the Columbus area but it would be worth a call to find out. She may know of someone in your area if she does not travel that way. Best of luck in your search!

    smiths595 smiths595
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    I’m in the Cleveland area and I called Heather from Saddles101.com on a recommendation from Cleveland Equine. My saddle ended up not being a good fit for my horse and couldn’t be adjusted because it wasn’t wool flocked. I bought a new Loxley by Bliss of London saddle from her and I absolutely love it! She’s from Pennsylvania so you’ll have to see if she’ll travel to Columbus.


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    Hi Maestro,

    I ride a horse who has a County saddle, and his owner uses Sara Ivie to come re-fit it. She is an authorized County rep and master saddle fitter. She is AWESOME–I can’t say enough good things about her! She’s based in Indianapolis, but travels all over Indiana, Kentucky, and western Ohio, so you might check with her to see if her territory covers Columbus, as well. Her e-mail is sara@countysaddlery.com and phone is (812) 320-3839. Hope this helps!

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    Thanks for all the replies! I will check out the names, hopefully someone actually comes to Columbus.

    CTKG – I actually contacted County directly and they don’t have anyone who currently covers Ohio, although they are looking to add someone in the spring. I know there have been Ohio reps in the past, so territories may have shifted a little recently.

    Of course, if this weather keeps up I may not get anyone out until the spring anyway…

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    Hi there! If you are in need of an independent saddle fitter still (or again!) I have recently set up shop just outside of Columbus, and I travel throughout the state. Please have a look at my website http://www.TheSaddleTree.com and let me know if I can be of any help!


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