Looking for feed/supplement suggestions for easy-keeper Dressage pony

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    I just bought a 7 year-old Welsh cob/Morgan gelding and we will be training and competing in Dressage together. He will be working 4-5 days a week. I’m looking to maintain his current weight, build muscle, encourage his dapples to come out/shiny coat, and make sure he is getting the minerals and vitamins he needs. He has great feet already and has never had any health problems.

    The barn I board at feeds round-bale/pasture during the day and flaked-hay in the stalls at night. I’m worried about him getting a hay belly/over-weight with that much access to hay…any suggestions on how to avoid this from fellow sport pony owners? I used to own an OTTB so feeding an easy-keeper will be a change for me!

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    What a cutie!

    Like your little guy, my mare is a super easy keeper. She maintains weight exceedingly well, has never worn shoes, and has never taken a lame step in her life. We are hunter/jumper and we ride 4-5 times a week.

    My barn also has the same feeding schedule as you– round bale/pasture and flakes. I’m happy to tell you what’s in my Smartpaks, but those things may or may not work for you. (: It was kind of “trial and error” until I found a good combo of supplements for her. She’s pretty young, so, some of my choices were also based off of her age.

    During the spring/fall/winter, my mare is on Biotin II 22X for hoof/coat health/ration balancer, Magnesium-5,000 to help with anxiety of showing/trailering/general anxiety she’s prone to, and lastly, MSM for joint health, even though she has great joints (just to be safe!).

    During the summer, I will put a small amount of electrolytes or salt in her feed to make sure I know she’s getting enough water during competitions and during intense heat waves.

    Have you taken the supplement wizard here on Smartpak? While I didn’t take the results word for word, it really helped me focus my attention on a few possibilities as opposed to hundreds of supplements you can find, which was really overwhelming for me at first. (: Good luck!

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    Thanks so much for the info on what you’re feeding your mare! That’s very helpful. I took your tip about using the supplement wizard as well, but the suggestions seemed a little vague so I ended up just emailing a Smartpak representative and she was very helpful. Thanks again!!

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    Dressage ponies rule! You’re right to be concerned about the hay – my welsh mare stays quite round on 2 flakes of orchard grass and a 1/2 quart (lg handful) of Purina Strategy, Smartcombo pellets and selenium. Since the grass has really started growing here (Oregon) I’ve had to cut her down to 1 flake at night (with supplements) and only a few hours of pasture during the day. Ponies are super efficient in everything they do – I know my girl wouldn’t walk away from a bale of hay until it was gone.

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    Thanks Cindy!! I think I am definitely going to purchase a grazing muzzle, since I can’t change the fact that the barn where I board feeds round-bales and he has basically 24/hr a day access to as much hay as his little heart desires PLUS grass pasture (albeit very eaten-down since he’s out with several other horses). I think it’s going to be a constant struggle to combat a hay-belly with this one. I appreciate you sharing your experience! Good luck with your little Welshie too! 🙂

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