Looking for feed/supplement suggestions for easy-keeper Dressage pony

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    I just bought a 7 year-old Welsh cob/Morgan gelding and we will be training and competing in Dressage together. He will be working 4-5 days a week. I’m looking to maintain his current weight, build muscle, encourage his dapples to come out/shiny coat, and make sure he is getting the minerals and vitamins he needs. He has great feet already and has never had any health problems.

    The barn I board at feeds round-bale/pasture during the day and flaked-hay in the stalls at night. I’m worried about him getting a hay belly/over-weight with that much access to hay…any suggestions on how to avoid this from fellow sport pony owners? I used to own an OTTB so feeding an easy-keeper will be a change for me!

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    I know you posted this awhile ago, but if you’re still looking for opinions Nutrena Empower Balance is a great way to balance a hay only diet. It’s for easy keepers so it’s more of a ration balancer than a grain. I have a Haflinger jumper and she does super well on 1lb of Empower Balance per day, with a grass hay flake morning and night. I would also maybe consider not feeding hay in the stall at night if she’s eating all day, or using a grazing muzzle when she’s on round bale. My pony gets a “hay belly” as soon as she’s not worked 5 days a week no matter how little she eats.

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