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    I’ve been looking for a hunter/jumper saddle for my wide warmblood cross who has very low withers. I can’t seem to find one that would be comfortable for both of us and fit well. I’m looking for something new and price isn’t really an issue as long as it is under $2,000. Any suggestions?

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    my pessoa fits my wideish mare pretty well they are slightly over 2,000 but they are pretty worth it. I wouldn’t consider my mare o have that high of withers but she dosen’t have low withers. but the pessoa a/o ams has an adjustable tree.

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    My Lippizanner cross is wide and the only saddles “off the rack” that I have found to fit him comfortably are either a Pessoa or a Kieffer. I would recommend either as being a good comfortable saddle. That being said, you must be able to try them and confirm the fit for both you and your horse. Price can vary depending upon what model you choose. I would also not limit your selection to a new saddle as you can find a very comfortable good condition used saddle that might be perfect.

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    Hi Ispieg, Like you, I had a terrible time trying to fit both my Friesian/Morgan cross and my Percheron/Paint cross with saddles that would fit their wide, low-withered back. I finally sought the advise of a dressage trainer who had experience with all sizes and shapes of horses, and she recommended the Passier and Duett brands of saddles. Boy, was she right! I ended up with a Passier Grand Gilbert dressage saddle and the Duett Tango (a hybrid – great for schooling and hacking). I found both used saddles in excellent condition on e-bay, paying $1100 for the Passier GG and $800 for the Duett Tango. I believe both brands carry hunter/jumper models as well. I love them, and so do my flat-boys!

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    Not sure what your discipline is, but I have a very broad warmblood gelding and I have a 2007 Butet B2 that fits him (and me) like a dream. They have since discontinued that B2 tree – which was made specifically for the broader warmbloods. You can still find them online used – although any saddle that is of real quality and will fit well might be difficult to find under $2000. You may also want to have a local saddle fitter come and see your horse and help you find the perfect saddle.

    This website http://www.allthebestusedsaddles.com is a great resource, and they are connected with Beval in Gladstone. They have been very helpful with all the saddles I have purchased.

    good luck!

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    I am extremely happy with my Kent and Masters They are adjustable, super comfortable for horse and rider, made in Walsall, England. They are the same people who make Thorowgood saddles which Smartpak carries only the K&M is a full leather saddle. I wish Smartpak would pick up the K&M line because it is affordable and oh so nice for the price!


    You can buy them here in the states: http://www.hastilowusa.com/saddles/kent-and-masters-saddles/kent-and-masters-jumper.html

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