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    I’ve had my Oldenburg mare for almost 7 years now, and we competed in Eventing. She was lame for one year, and then I went away to college for two more years. Therfore, she had very little to no work for those 3 years. She has lost a lot of muscle obviously, and seems to be very thin. She is 18, and is getting senior grain three times a day, along with her normal supplements. I’ve been trying to get her back into work to start competing again, but I can’t seem to put the weight or muscle on her. Does anyone have suggestions, whether it be a feed change/supplement/excercise/etc. We would greatly appreciate your help. She really loves to jump, and I know she’ll be happier when we get back to what we love.

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    With the increased work, she’d be burning more calories. Calories that have, for the past 3 years, been keeping her at ‘maintenance’. So she’d likely loose fat for a little bit as her body adjusts to the new routine and then start to gain muscle. I wouldn’t suggest a muscle supplement such as SmartMuscle or Tri-Amino. I’ve seen 0 improvement in body condition with my personal experience of both. I’d start with boosting how much hay she gets, give her additional calories to burn off without the hot of additional feed. As for senior feeds, since your mare is active I’d suggest Purina Senior Active Healthy grain. It’s complete feed, has the senior benefits, but also the little extra umph she would need to start getting back to the beautiful Oldenburg you knew 3 years ago. Hope this helped, good luck!

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    Thanks, I agree, I did up her hay this summer. I was considering the muscle supplement, so thank you for your opinion. I’ve been giving her Dumor Senior for the past year or so, but was strongly considering switching back to Purina, which I think I will do. Hopefully together, all of it helps! Thanks again

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    I feed blue seal sentinel feeds as they are so easily digestible. I like purina feeds but my 4 year old TB choked on the pellets and horses can’t choke on the extruded pellets of sentinel feeds. you’ll need something with a little more protein as your are trying to build muscle. A horse in our barn broke his jaw last year and literally lost so much weight he was skin and bones. we put him on sentinel safe start. and he did great. he his now back at work. I also have had good results from Gleam and Gain. My TB was kind of scrawny when I got her and Gleam and Gain helped get weight on her without making her hot. also make sure you have her teeth checked.

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