Lower Leg Issues

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    So my lower leg tends to swing back really bad over small fences. I don’t know what to do! Ideas? Help?

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    You need to sit on your pockets a little more. Use your legs and put more weight on them. Keep your lower leg forward just a tad.

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    English riders are taught to ride “heels down”, which is usually interpreted as pushing down against the stirrups. A few lucky riders are either taught or figure it out for themselves that stretching the entire leg down into the stirrup works much better. This can be a subtle but crucial difference.

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    Practice without irons. In fact, ride without them a lot. Once keeping your leg quiet becomes more natural, you should not have a problem. Also, depending on the height of the fence, your leg will need to move back a bit, so you stay on top of your horse. Sort of like a counterweight, although I have noticed that nowadays, people do not seem to move their upper bodies with the horse’s center of gravity as we did way back I won’t say when. We had a chute, and had to jump through it with no reins and no irons until it was second nature (and sometimes, with no saddle).

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