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    My gelding is in good weight, i have been feeding him approximately 2 cups of horse manna with a full scoop of alfalfa pellets (approx 1-2 pounds) and supplements twice a day(supplements only in the a.m.). I tried to research more on horse manna and possibly look for reviews or testimonials but i can not find any.
    I guess what i am asking is if the product is worth buying? Is it necessary year round? Has anyone had any experience with the product, good or bad? He is in good condition like i said before but i also know that during the summer, stuff like that is not totally necessary…..

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    I haven’t fed horse manna but I currently feed calf manna to both my Thoroughbreds. I think the formula is similar? One of my girls is an extremely hard keeper that I have in heavy work. I feed it in combination with rice bran and it keeps her in great shape. Without it she looses weight really easily. My other Thoroughbred was pretty under weight when I got her and just under a month latter she is up to a good weight. She was on a senior feed with her previous owner for about a month and it didn’t work nearly as well. I have also fed it to several other horses in the past including seniors and young horses. I also love the high protein content without all the sugar. I’m comfortable giving it to pretty much any horse. They also really love the taste and it works wonders for their coats. I personally feed it year round but I have hard keepers. A cup or two seems like a good amount to support a horse in good condition but depending on work load and how hard a keeper he is you can adjust. I love calf manna and manna pro feeds I’ve fed them for years. Also there is allot of information on the manna pro website. Hopefully this is helpful to you.

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