Mare Acting odd on lunge line/ grooming

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    Ok, so I took my mare to a chiropractor the other day. The chiropractor claimed her sternum was out and her back and poll were all out of wack. First, is it even possible to adjust a horse’s sternum? Anyways my mare has been sore in her back for a while and that’s why I took her to the chiro in the first place (also because she was lame in right hind due to poor saddle fit…which caused her back to be sore…getting saddle fitted to her this month). I tried lunging her yesterday and she refused to go to the left. We walked both directions, then I trotted her to the right. I stopped her and then asked her to go to the left so we could trot that direction and she had a fit (reared, bucked, and kept backing up). Could this just be her muscles adjusting to the change and still being sore? Or more of a behavior issue? She does this with and without tack on. Also, she has been odd while grooming. Ever since her chiro appointment, she shapes herself like an overbent banana when I go to groom the left side of her haunches. She is super itchy and pivots her left hind foot inwards and it even twitches at times. Someone please tell me I’m crazy and just overly worried. Any insight on her issues/behaviors would be appreciated. The chiropractor did give me follow-up rehab for her sternum being adjusted, so I’m doing that. I also do carrot stretches with her daily, and she wears her back on track sheet at night to help her muscles recover.

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    Since you took her to the chiropractor, I don’t think it has to do with her muscles or anything like that. She is probably feeling good because she doesn’t have anything out.
    So, I would suggest to make her go to the left anyways. I have had horses throw a fit just because they did not want to go that way. I drove them forward until they went the direction I wanted. After I convinced the horse that they had to go that way, they had a better attitude and that specific problem never happened again. I hope this helps you with you question!

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