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Mare back sore and off in right hind

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    Hi everyone, I’ll try and keep this short. I have a 11 year old appendix QH mare who I have had for the past 5 years. When I got her I used a bates jumping saddle, then switched to a bates isabell dressage saddle. I now ride dressage full time. Anyways, for the past few months my mare has been sore in her back, more so on her right side near her loin and a little tender on her left. I suspected it was my saddle so I upgraded to a trilogy verago. I rode in that saddle for about a year and my trainer and I have realized that the trilogy shifts right during my rides. Could it be my saddle has caused my mares back soreness which translated to her right hind lameness? She typically warms up out of this lameness and goes around alright but can be fussy. She is pregnant this year and due in March 2017, so she has had lots of time off. I try my best to do carrot stretches with her and massage her back/ put liniment on religiously. Took her to the Chiro twice last year and they said to make sure the saddle fits. So I have been trialing saddles the past few weeks. I am going to try the PDS Showtime Dressage Saddle next as it has interchangable gullets and has the AMS pannels. When riding I always used a back on track pad and began using a thinline halfpad. Any other thoughts as to why she is so sore in her back? Any tips to help her recover? She’s had around 5 months off and her back is still bothering her. I’ve been lunging just to loosen her up without the saddle and that seems to help. Thanks, G

    DressageRider5 Original Poster DressageRider5
    Topics Started: 6Replies Posted: 14

    Hey just an update, it was my saddle…long story short. 😀

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