Massive Joint Issue

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    Hi guys,

    my gelding is only 13 years old and we recently found out that he has 3 compound fractures in his off front knee. According to the vet he has had this injury for a really long time and because of the immense pressure over the years the cartilage has diminished to nothing therefore his knee joint has already started to fuse together. the vet was amazed at the fact the after one pain killer injection he was freely moving around with little pain, the x-rays were horrific to see as he was hiding a massive secret for so may years. He now gets half a sachet of Bute granules every 2-3 days to help with inflammation and with that he bolts around the paddock like a race horse, so I was just wondering if you guys had any tips to help with his condition??

    (He does not get ridden or worked at all. This also happened a long time before he came to us)

    Joe-Joe Joe-Joe
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    If he is not ridden, and moves freely in the pasture, I would not do anything, unless your vet suggests a change.

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    pheets pheets
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    I agree with Joe-Joe (imagine THAT!: )

    If you want more for Pony, you might want to talk to your vet about MSM. It is easier on the stomach than bute and can be given daily. A chat with your vet is in order if you are looking for more comfort for your horse : )

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    Joe-Joe Joe-Joe
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    Pheets – good heaven! We agree again! Sometimes it seems that you, Mapale, Joan and I share a common consciousness.

    It is never the horse's fault

    Mapale Mapale
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    So sorry to hear about your horse! The silver lining is that you now know what you are dealing with and can work from there to help him get better. I concur with Joe-Joe and pheets (no surprise there) your gelding will move at his own comfort level, and that’s a good thing. I would not push that.

    Re the meds. I always administer omeprazole if I must have extended bute treatments. Bute is hard on the stomach and can cause ulcers, Ulcerguard isn’t too terribly expensive to augment the bute treatments. The other option is previcox for horses. It’s an anti-inflammatory and might be a good alternative for longterm treatments.

    I’m not surprised that he concealed his injury. Stoicism is natural and instinctive for horses. In the wild, horses that demonstrate weakness are culled from the herd because infirmity draws predators. He will continue this behavior so you must be especially attentive for when he is NQR (not quite right) by observing him carefully when he is pain-free. (Is there a head bob when he moves, does he hit on all four the same, or does he hit harder on one side when he walks, even tempo in his movement or does he linger or roll-over on any hoof – weakness is often hiding on the opposite rear when the injury is on the front because it must come forward quicker, when he stands does his head drop below his withers, is the length of his stride normal, these are just a few points of observation). Catching it early can really be an asset to a quicker rebound.

    Another option might be Smartflex Rehab supplement. It supports connective tissue and also contains an anti-inflammatory, MSM, and omega3. I have been using it and it has worked wonders on my mare – each horse is different – but I would still recommend it for a time to see if you can improve his knee joint.

    Good luck with him and keep us posted. Hope this helps.

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    Thank you so much this has helped a lot, I like the idea of supplements from smartpak but I live in Australia and many joint supplements here are supplements here are quite expensive but i will look into it !!

    Also Teddy and I thank you so much for you help and support

    unfortunately for Teddy he is not going to be getting any better as the joint is fusing together but I am still trying to make what time he has got left here as pain free as possible – I will also talk to my Vet and see if i can get a copy of the x-rays so you can see what is actually happening in there

    once again THANK YOU SOO MUCH

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