Melanoma & Use of Cimetidine

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    I rescued my grey oldenburg-cross, Niles, 4 years ago at a horse auction. I found out through my vet he had melanomas. Which I was informed the majority of grey’s do have or get in their teens (he’s estimated at 13-16). I was told cimetidine was not a cure but its been shown in some cases to have slowed or haulted the growth of existing melanomas. I put him on for 3 years, seeing no difference I took him off and in a years time I swear they have grown. He just had surgery yesterday to have 2 large growths taken off of his tail. In a panic, I decided to put him back on the cimetidine as precautionary for future growths, possibly slowing/stopping the some of the ones he currently has and peace of mind for myself.
    I wonder though if anyone else has experience with this? Melanomas with or without cimetidine use?

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    Just noted your questions. I unfortunately love gray horses, and now have
    my third, who has several melanomas. I have heard of cimetidine, but have
    not had it available to use, and have also heard of using frankincense
    (I think that’s the right spelling), Source, and a brand called “Nzymes.”
    I would really, however, like to know what the Spanish Riding School, the
    Andalusian, Lusitano, Percheron, and Lippizaner breeders, as well as the
    U.S. Army at Arlington National Cemetery all do for their gray horses! I
    think I’ve also heard of using cisplatin (a cancer chemotherapy) intra-
    lesional, but I would run these by your vet.
    horsewoman from Virginia, Margo.

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