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    I currently have my very grouchy mare on Mare Magic, an unfortunately I’m not getting the results that I desire. I’m fine with that. I understand that I wont get the same results that everyone else will. I’m curious about what other peoples success supplements are. Shadow is a 16 yr old AHPA mare. She is in good health, so no pain problems that are contributing to the moodiness. I’m looking for something that I can order online that way I wont have any problem procuring it.


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    I currently have the same problem with my 7 year old OTTB mare. I haven’t tried any supplements, but if you do find some you are interested in be sure to check the ingredients. If you are competing some of the ingredients WILL TEST and you can get yourself in a situation that isn’t worth the trouble. USEA has a list on their website with the info. I would use the supplement in the off season and plan to take her off at least 4 to 3 weeks before competition and just use regumate which you can purchase from your vet.:) Good Luck!

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    Sometimes it is diet. What type of forage are you using? If you have alfalfa in her diet you could be exacerbating the problem. (I had a tough mare that went mellow just by removing the alfalfa.)

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    I have a mare and she not necessarily moody but she definitely has her days and is very fussy when i take her off the barn property. I have tried mare magic, the ultra calm from smartpak and several other things. My dressage trainer recommended medroxyprogesterone, is a shot you can get from your vet and is has made my horse so calm and an over all better temper. I would recommend it to anyone with an “emotional” mare! I love it and its just a once a month shot. Definitely something to ask your vet about if you can’t find a solution.

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    We have a mustang mare that had to be on stall rest for nearly 6 months for a rear fetlock/cannon injury, and for a halter broke 2-1/2 year old, it took two of us on lead ropes every day to give her enough walking exercise without getting nutz. We did try different supplements, and ended up with this combination that has worked wonders for her ever since: LMF “Showtime” grain, small handful of raspberry leaves (human grade in bulk), and about 2-3 tablespoons of chaste tree berry powder (human grade in bulk “Vitex agnus-castus”). This regulates the mares hormonal cycles, which tend to be the source of their crankiness 🙂

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    NOTE: There tends to be two basic types of chaste tree berry powder, one is brown in color, the other yellowish. AVOID the yellowish powder. It did not work for our KiZmet, and gave her runny stool 🙁


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