Moths in horse feed?

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    This morning I found several moths in my horse’s sweet feed. Is that a big concern, and what can I do to get rid of/prevent them? I already keep my bags of feed in a metal trash can w/lid.

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    I would be wondering how the heck they got in there. I would also be going through the whole trash can looking for signs of more.

    I definitely would be concerned. I’ve never had moths in my feed.

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    My feed is kept in a metal trash can with a lid. I don’t usually get moths in my bin, but I’ll get flies. They can be slipping in while you’re feeding, or if there’s a side of the lid that isn’t flush.

    I don’t think a few moths are necessarily A bad thing, but I don’t know for certain. If there was a bunch in the can, you might want to scoop off the top layer of grain. I’d look into how they’re getting into the can. You may need to get a new container, maybe a plastic trash can with a solid locking lid.


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    I had a bag that had oats in it get moths. They were actually in the bag from the start. And I kept mine in a garbage can as well.
    There’s not much you can do about it, besides report it to the company you bought it from and the manufacturer. I would also take it back to the feed store you bought it from.
    If you report it to the manufacturer, make sure you get the serial number/lot number on the bag. This way they can see if they’ve had any other reports. Most companies are very happy and thankful when they are told about something wrong with their grain, because so many people don’t say anything.

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    It’s not uncommon to get moths in grains/sweet feeds or hay products this time of year. The eggs are in there when the feed is milled and they hatch when the feed gets warm enough and is exposed to fresh air. Sweet feeds are generally not that great for horses (corn is pro-inflammatory and most horses just don’t need that much sugar in their diets. Long-term it can have a real impact on a horse’s risk for metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and laminitis.) However, in order to get rid of the moths you can do two things to help with the moth problem. First, get a commercial moth trap and put it up in your barn. Secondly, you can put any remaining feed into a sealed plastic bag and put it in a freezer for 12 hours. That will kill all the moths and their eggs. A horse can safely eat the eggs and dead moths, though.

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    I had a moth problem in my pantry this summer! I opened up a container of bread crumbs and a bunch flew out….I have never seen this before! I had to throw everything but canned goods out and bleach the panty cabinet and clean the cans. The moths love flour, feed, sugar, cereal you name it they love it! YUK hate them. I did put out the Safer traps and was so surprised at how many were in the traps even after an extensive cleaning.

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    Pantry moths are a plague we just have to live with. I don’t worry about them in the feed at this time of year. It’s kind of a given, and there are generally only a few as I go through feed pretty quickly. If you find that you’re not using up the feed quickly enough and the moths are becoming annoying, buy pantry moth traps at your local Home Depot. They’re non-toxic and sticky. Just toss one into the bin with the feed and throw it away when it’s full. In the house is a different issue, and I was furious when a bag of bird seed came pre-infested. It took me months to get rid of them all and cost a fortune in grain products and traps. I complained to the pet store, and they did stop carrying that brand, but that didn’t help me with my moth problem.
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