Moving barns after injury?

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    I moved my horse to a new barn at the end of April. She was pastured by herself at first where everyone could see and sniff her, but not interact. On her first day of turnout in the full pasture (4 other mares), she was run into the gate and scraped/bloodied a bit. I figured fine, these things happen, although I couldn’t ride for a few days because one of her bites was where the saddle sits.

    She’s continued to come in with minor scrapes, some of which were bleeding, but two days ago I came out to contusions on her haunch which were swollen and obviously hurting her. The owner didn’t say much about how pasturing arrangements could be changed and largely had an “it happens” attitude.

    I’m looking at another barn tonight, which I wanted to move to in the first place. Am I overreacting by moving my horse again after two weeks? I don’t want to uproot her, but I’m also not completely sure I trust my current management.

    Joe-Joe Joe-Joe
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    I’d move. My farm owner monitors interaction whenever a new horse is put into an established group, and if necessary moves the horse being bullied immediately. The attitude you describe could cause your horse to be seriously injured or killed.

    It is never the horse's fault

    G & S
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    Some barn owners are more concerned with their bottom line than with the welfare of the horses. If you have not moved already, do so asap.

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    Yikes! I just enlarged your photos. If she were mine, I’d move her.

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    These things do happen with horses – occasionally. If it were the occasional new scratch or bump, I wouldn’t be too concerned. Every day or several times a week? No, not okay. If the BO is not willing to change the turn out group, definitely leave.

    riding for Christ riding for Christ
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    First thing to check for before jumping to anything major is to check if there is anything your horse can get hurt on in the pasture? If there is, try to get that removed or fixed.
    If there is nothing for your horse to get hurt on, then its probably the other horses. Then watch how the other horses are with your horse. If it seems like the other horses are beating her up badly then see if you can move her to a new pasture at the same place.
    Some things may seem like a big deal but it may be nothing. So just check for those things first before moving her to a new barn.

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