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    I recently started riding a beautiful chestnut mustang mare named Jubilee. She is around 15.1 hands and 9 or 10 years old. In the past, she has been primarily used as a western horse, however we (meaning my trainer and I) discovered that she LOVES jumping. So I am starting to train her as a jumping horse, and hopefully, eventually, an eventer. She has an absolutely beautiful conformation and a long, thick mane and tail. Pretty dreamy. But, there’s one problem. She is fat. Like fat fat. Her neck is actually mostly muscular, however her hindquarters are very very fat. Unfortunately I am only able to get out to the barn once or twice a week. She is in the smallest pasture with another fat horse. I really need to start building her muscles and getting some weight off of her, so I need some in hand or under saddle exercises that are really effective with that. I cannot afford muscle supplements and it is not possible for her to be in a dry lot, She doesn’t get any grain. She is in pasture 24/7 and gets hay when winter rolls around. She needs to build muscles especially in her abdominals and hindquarters. Someone please help me. I’m desperate

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    I’d begin by worrying less about muscles and more about her weight, at least initially. (BTW, muscle supplements won’t make her any less fat, if they affect her weight at all, they’ll probably make her fatter.) Why is a grazing muzzle out of the question? Why is a dry lot impossible? Or hay nets to slow her consumption? Maybe she could be in a stall part of the day?
    If you don’t own this horse (do you?), unfortunately, there’s really nothing you personally can do except talk to the owner about options to get her to a healthy weight, and ride as much as possible. Once her weight is under control, then you can address muscling, which may even work itself out, since she may be decently muscular already…you just can’t see it under the fat.
    Good luck!

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    Most importantly you need to get her weight addressed. From your description she’s a candidate for metabolic diseases. Pasture grass can cause numerous effects if that’s the only forage she’s receiving. I suspect sugars in the grass are causing her weight gain. Get her on some alfalfa for the protein to her muscles but don’t overfeed it as it can also cause weight gain but it’s high in protein so good to build muscle. I’ll feed an orchard grass mix to my horses that tend to gain weight easily. Limit her grazing on pasture but you would have to fill that in with something like orchard grass mix to keep her stomach from too much acid. Exercise is the best thing for her even if it’s long trotting for several minutes. I bet just exercising her will change things dramatically… so I would figure out a way to make that happen.

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