muscle twitches

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    For the past month my 7 year old saddle bred has been having weird muscle twitches or spasms and yesterday he was running in the indoor and randomly fell. There have been times where I ask him for a trot and it seems like he doesn’t have the muscle to lift his leg. When he was four he had a similar problem but it was just a case of tense muscles and too much excitement for him. Is it possible that he could have HYPP? He is my prized jumper and saddle seat horse I’d hate for it to be something super serious

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    You NEED to have your vet see this animal-no one on a message board can diagnose something like this!

    if your local vet cant help you, you may need to go to a regional large animal hospital to see a specialist.

    if it turns out to be just nerves, a calming supplement might help-as well as many other things (you could reply to this and ask for them if that what it is, and i’ll write them all out for you).

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    There is a myriad of conditions that could be doing this! You MUST contact your vet! It could be very serious. Equine Protozaol Myelitis comes to mind, EHV neurological form, rabies, Vitamin E & Selenium deficiency, Magnesium deficiency, etc! You see how it is not wise to take this lightly. There is danger to your horse and others as well. (People too)Best of luck, I hope it isn’t serious!

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    Wondered if you found out what was wrong?

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