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    I have an 11 year old draft cross that has been wearing a muzzle during the summer for the last 5 years. This year, he has decided he doesn’t need to wear it anymore. Not once this year has he come in wearing the muzzle from the night before. I use the Best Friend muzzle and have used both the one piece muzzle and the muzzle bucket that attaches to a halter. I’ve tighted it as much as I can. I’ve even gone as far as attaching the head stall of the halter to a cribbing strap – AND . . . no muzzle the next AM. I’m at a loss. He stays in the stall 12 hours a day and our barn does not have a dry lot. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    I kept my horse in an arena at night… She could gain weight just by looking at grain. Does your horse have a buddy who could be taking it off at night? I had a horse unbuckle grazing muzzles off of her best friend.

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    Not sure I can be of much help here (my horse has never been that serious about getting her muzzle off), but once you determine that another horse is not taking your horse’s muzzle off, you could try the Tough One Easy Breath muzzle.

    I really like it because it allows the horse to get more fresh air and just have an easier time breathing. I have heard other horse owners say their horses didn’t try so hard to get the muzzle off when they used the easy breath one. The muzzle naturally hangs low in the front so I did have to run a piece of nylon strap from the ring on the side of their face, down through the webbing in the front part of the muzzle, and back up to the ring on the other side of their face. It was really easy and it works well!

    Just a thought… Hope you figure something out!

    I know what you mean about your horse gaining weight easily – my horse gained weight with a muzzle on this summer!

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    Is your horse also getting more hay and/or grain than needed? If the pasture is good, you might consider cutting back on the other feed during the summer. My boy is not an easy keeper, and requires extra feed during the winter, so perhaps the reverse might be true for yours.

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    Muzzles at times can be dangerous. And a horse really doesn’t like them at all. Since you don’t have a dry lot. Giving it a lower fat content of feed and hay will help drop weight without starving it. Hope this helps

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