My 17yo Pony is losing weight ?

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    My 17yo Welsh Mountain pony is losing weight but she is eating just fine, the gelding isn’t running her away from her food, she doesn’t seem to refuse eating, we haven’t given her any wormer yet this year, she is losing so much weight so fast that its like she lost enough weight that you can see some of her backbone. I’m quite puzzled on how quick she is losing weight.

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    Chat with your vet about causes and a suitable dewormer. Also consider spring weather changes, dental status. I don’t know what part of the world you are in so can’t offer much on weather/climate effects. Is she worrying/stressing about anything? Does she have pain of any kind? Does the gelding haunt her while she is eating? Meaning, does he covet her grain even tho he does not approach her…. this can generate a stress level in the mare, for sure, feeling that she has to always be looking over her shoulder when fed… Is she back in work? Hay change? Not knowing much, if anything, about you and your mare, it is hard to speculate or theorize accurately. So many things can contribute to weight loss, sudden or otherwise.

    While 17 is not necessarily OLD for a horse, it IS a time when age-related issues can begin to present themselves. I say again: chat with your vet. Sudden/rapid weight loss is not something to wait on for long. Do not accept weight loss as just a part of aging. A dietery change might be in order but aging horses need not be a rack of bones. The horse in my profile pic (pheets : ) was 26 when the pic was taken, just last fall. He is now 27, and still fat. He has chosen to live with us for the past 7 years and hopefully will deign to stay for the rest of his life : )
    I hope your situation is resolved easily and quickly!!

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