My mare coat is messed up right now

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    I own a 7 year old Quarter horse who lives out with my 16 year old Paint. Before I moved to the ranch I am at and before I bought my 7 year old, she never had a problem with allergies. Now she seems very sensitive to things like fly’, using back on track products excessively, and other things. She gets hives that come and go sometimes and has recently been getting random swelling, such as a little bit of swelling on her chest/ armpit area where the skin is pealing because she is suffering from girth itch again and her hock swelled up I think because of using the back on track boots multiple days in a row and now her leg is swollen and she hasn’t been doing anything besides being in a paddock. The swelling comes for a couple days then goes away. The picture is some swelling she got, but then went a way after 2 days and repeated again a couple days later and now is gone. Her skin is peeling near it because I think of the girth itch. She got girth itch, a small case, month or so ago and it cleared up but now it is back and worse. Her coat is different colors and she has lost some of her hair because of it. I don’t share any of my things with other boards and my other horse. So I am not sure why she got girth itch again? I clean my tack regularly now. What would be some good supplements for my mare that is bothered by fly’s and other things and has a weekend immune system right now? From Jan 14 to mid February she suffered from an upper respiratory infection and was on antibiotics for 2 weeks and she is trailered out a lot for lessons. I was wondering what would be some good supplements for my mare? also some good supplements that I could bye in stores instead of online? A good stress reliever supplement would be helpful too since she is a weaver and I think she gets stressed with the traveling alone.? Also a good immune supplement and anything else that might be good for her? Also she is ridden a lot during the week almost everyday during the week.

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    Maybe this is an overly obvious question: Have you had the vet check her out? That swelling is in a lymph area, and since you suggest it’s frequent, probably deserves a vet’s opinion. Also, have you tried any anti-fungal etc products? The Eqyss line works really well on one of my guys who’s prone to allergies and fungus (we live in the deep south, the skin crud capital of the world). Usually contact dermatitis can be stopped if you remove the allergen. Since you know one of her triggers is the Back on Track, stop using it — perhaps switch to something that doesn’t cause swelling. Keeping the skin dry and clean is also important. Thorough grooming is usually far better for the skin and coat than too-frequent bathing or hosing. When you do bathe / hose, makes sure she’s dried quickly — not standing in the summer heat with wet skin.

    Good luck and good riding.

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    Definitely have a vet check her out. A few months after I got my horse he got an edema in his girth area and it turned out to be blood worms so that my be another reason for the swelling besides for allergies.

    If you think a product you may be using is the cause of any of the symptoms stop using until your able to get it cleaned if possible if not replace it. If it is able to be cleaned use products that will kill bacteria and an anti fungal. Best way to make sure those products wont cause a reaction on her is to use whatever normal shampoo you use on her to clean unless you suspect that that may be a cause as well so if you work with your vet you will be able to rule things out to find the right course of action.

    I know you said you dont share your stuff with anyone but is it possible they are using it without your knowledge? There are just some people you make it common practice to “borrow” other peoples items without asking. Since I dont know how your barn is set up maybe start keeping whatever tack you can in your tack box and lock it if not then in your car so you know for sure no one else is using it

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