Mystery Breed?

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    I recently got. A horse, we think she is a thoroughbred, but she is barely 15.0hh! She isn’t tattooed, and doesn’t have papers. She was a rescue horse. Help?

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    rlueders rlueders
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    Your pictures are upside down and a little small, but Thoroughbreds can be small. We have a 15.1hh Thoroughbred at our barn who is tattooed and registered. (: They’re not all monsters!

    Joan Fry
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    Tattooed on the inside of their upper lip, right? Shilo, from what I can see of her she looks like a sweetheart!

    pheets pheets
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    She IS cute! Looks TB-ish to me, too, but I am breedblind outside the obvious. I go sit down now : )

    Got a good friend on a 15.2y little pistol TB, starting out well in their prelim eventing adventures this year (go J n’ W !!:D ). Great things come in small packages I think is the phrase : )

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    Joan Fry
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    Okay, I looked it up. According to the Jockey Club’s website, TBs are tattooed on the inside of their upper lip. A long time ago I had a wonderful AQHA gelding, registered, who stood 16.2. His second sire on his dam’s side was a TB. Veterinarians often wrote down “grade” without even asking because he had that long-legged lean look so many TBs have, but the dinner-plate jaws of a QH. Today he would be Appendix Registered. I’m betting you’re right, Shilo. She has TB somewhere in her background. What a pretty girl!

    NinaJD NinaJD
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    She looks QH to me. more because of her face. she had a thicker cheek then most TB’s do. At least in the pictures you posted it looks that way.

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    I haven’t done this yet – – though I keep thinking I will because I don’t have papers on Avatar and everyone is always asking me what he is – – but I’ve been told you can send some mane strands in to UC Davis and for a fairly reasonable fee, they can do DNA testing and give you a pretty solid idea of your horse’s ancestry.

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