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Mystery Bumps

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  • rlueders Original Poster rlueders
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    So, my mare has had strange bumps along her spine for about two weeks now. At first, I thought it was rain rot. There are several, maybe a dozen, on either side of her spine just behind her withers. They vary in size, but most are about the size of a dime. The only reason I’m doubting that it may be rain rot is because they haven’t come to a head at all; there is no scab. They are just little, pea-like, hard bumps. There is no pain or irritation at all– I poked and prodded them for a while and my horse couldn’t have cared less. I’m at a loss! Anyone have any idea what these could be!?

    I started applying Banixx 1-2 times a day (starting yesterday) to see if it helps. She also has a very similar, singular bump right behind her front leg on her left side, where the girth would sit.

    Anyways, the vet is coming out in another two weeks, so, if it isn’t cleared up by then, I’ll have her take a look. I will do a vet call if they start to worsen or get painful, but I want to try and avoid an expensive vet call for now since they aren’t bothering her.

    Her saddle fits her well and my saddle pad gets washed regularly. Not after every ride, but regularly. She’s brushed almost every day and is very well taken care of, so, it’s not a care/saddle fit problem, I don’t think, unless it’s some kind of allergic reaction. (:

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    TBeventer TBeventer
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    Do they seem to itch or bother her? My mare gets hives. They are mostly related to pollen and she typically breaks out during perfect weather when it’s not too hot or cold. They don’t bother her, they are ugly but mostly cosmetic.

    She might be allergic to something? I wouldn’t call a vet out right away unless you notice them causing her pain.

    rlueders Original Poster rlueders
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    Nope! They don’t bother her at all! I’ve pressed, scratched, etc. on them and she couldn’t care less. I’ve even put some elbow grease on them with my thumb and she didn’t flinch.

    They haven’t gone away yet, but they also haven’t gotten any bigger/worse, either. I think you’re right– they are probably an allergen of some kind. I won’t worry about them until the end of summer or if they start getting worse/painful. If it starts getting into winter and they still aren’t fading, then I might be a bit more worried. I’ve also noticed she’s gotten a bit sneeze-y the last few days. Nothing bad, but the same thing I do in early spring when allergies hit me.

    TBeventer TBeventer
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    The vet can do an allergy test to determine what is bothering her. Just have the vet take a look when be comes out soon but it sounds like hives regarding allergies if there bumps with no pain.

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    sarcoids? I had one with hard bumps where the saddle sat – he came to me that way – and the vet said they were sarcoids. I don’t know how quickly they appear, though. At the time, there wasn’t anyway to treat them. There may be now.

    rlueders Original Poster rlueders
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    Thanks for the response! I actually don’t think they are sarcoids. I’ve seen sarcoids before, but these bumps are almost fleshy. There is definitely no fluid under them, but they aren’t hard, either.

    Anyways, the vet is coming out on Friday because my mare developed a respiratory infection, so, I’ll also have her look at the bumps. I’ll let everyone know what she says. (:

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    I would also suspect a reaction to something environmental, such as bugs or pollen.

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    In the meantime, you can clean them with with hazel. It doesn’t sting and it could help heal the spots.
    My gelding had tiny bumps on his back my vet told me to use witch hazel on every spot and it cleared up!
    Good Luck!

    Andre D.
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    Well, the bumps could be from many things but a couple of things to watch out for: allergic reaction……my mare had similar bumps for 36 hours after her annual vaccinations, went away without issue afterwards. There could be something in the environment that is triggering this reaction, as others on this forum have pointed out. Considering the bulk of them are under your saddle pad it could also be the detergent in your saddle pad…….if you don’t rinse it 2 or 3 times after washing a little bit of detergent can linger and this can produce the same kinds of bumps. My old gelding was really sensitive to detergent so, as a result, I rinse all my saddle pads at least 3 times after the wash cycle.

    MaresNest MaresNest
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    This sounds like what we used to call ‘pressure bumps’ in the old days. My horse had them when I was a kid. The old timers in our barn said that it was from taking the saddle pad off too soon after a ride. The cold air hits the hot back and somehow causes the bumps. I have no science about this. But when I started leaving the saddle pad on for a few minutes after taking the saddle off, my horse stopped getting the bumps. Since then, I have always left the saddle pad on for a few minutes after taking the saddle off, and I’ve never had another horse get them. Nor have they recurred in my old girl.

    The other thing I started doing that may have helped with the bumps is that I began to use Refreshmint liniment (which SmartPak does sell) on the saddle area after rides on hot days. I would hose the horse first, starting with the legs and ending with the back, and then apply the Refreshmint after I was done hosing. Refreshmint is milder than Vetrolin, I think, so mind your dilution ratios if you’re using something strong.

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    Hi. My guess would be hives, too. It could be from any number of things. For our gelding, it was some weeds stuck in and compressed in less than quality hay. He really hasn’t broke out since we switched, though the ants are not his friends. Red ants. An easy way to find out is give your horse a few Benadryl. It’s what our vet said, after we finished the medicine prescribed. Marshall is about 16h, and we give him 4-6, in his grain. Works great.

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    My horses have gotten these bumps before and here’s what we did. For the larger ones we injected them with cortisone and painted them twice daily with DMSO infused with a steroid. For the smaller ones I shaved the hair and painted them with the same mixture until they went away. One horse had 4-6 on his back. Another horse had 15-20. We never could determine what caused them but we were successful in getting rid of them.

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    Sounds like horsefly bites to me – that is their favorite place to bite. Try lightly rubbing flyspray on that area just on the hair and see if they go away.

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    Hi, I would try head and shoulder (or cheaper equivalent) shampoo first (this will not harm your horse in any way). It might de-clog the pores of your horse’s coat. Make sure you rinse well. This is just one rule-out option. Good luck!

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    So there was a gelding at my old barn that had something like this. His was actual parasites that go to the surface to die, I don’t remember what they were called but they did have to be cut out. They appeared on him in the armpit and along the spine. Please call the vet and have him test to see if that’s what it is. If so the horse needs to be treated for the parasites that are still alive inside of them and the already dead ones need to be removed.

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