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    I got my gelding in September 2013. He had not been vaccinated on a regular basis by his previous owner. He got his first set of shots by his owner about a week before she brought him over (rabies). She didn’t mention any reaction. In the Spring, I gave him a 5-way (tetanus, flu/rhino, and e-w sleeping sickness) and WNV. About 9 hours later he was down in the pasture, breathing very hard and fast, and had a temp of 103.5. I called the vet and she said to give him 10cc of banamine and cold hose his legs, which I did. The breathing went back to normal within 20 min or so and the fever started coming down and was back to normal a few hours later. By the next day he was fine.

    Earlier this month My vet came out to give him a rabies shot. Because of the reaction to the other shots we also gave him 10cc of banamine at the time of the shot to hopefully ward off a reaction and he left me with another 10cc syringe. Once again, 9 hours or so later he started breathing hard and his temp was 103.1. Because I was monitoring him very closely it didn’t get quite as bad this time (he never laid down and the breathing wasn’t quite as bad as before). I called my vet to let him know, and gave 10cc of banamine and cold hosed. Breathing went back to normal again after 10 min or so and temp started coming down and was back to normal a couple hours later. He was fine the next day.

    Obviously I really want him to at least have tetanus and rabies, and preferably WNV and Potomac Horse Fever as well (he has never had a PHF vaccine) because there is a low area of their pasture that is wet in the spring and summer and a pond in an adjacent pasture. I am really concerned about this reaction and whether it could get worse. Has anyone ever seen this kind of reaction? Any suggestions or ideas would be much appreciated. I have looked into titering but based on my research there isn’t enough research done on it yet to know what an effective titer is for sure plus its very expensive. There doesn’t seem to be any effective vaccine alternatives (nodes don’t seem to have the research done to support whether they work or not).
    I would really appreciate any help.

    I'd rather be riding!

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